The American Patriot Memorial Beacon

It is located at 5809 E. 22nd Street.

The American Patriot Memorial Beacon

The American Patriot Memorial Beacon was dedicated today. It is located at 5809 East 22nd Street. This beacon honors first responders, Tucson military veterans and the families of first responders. Congratulations to the American Patriot Memorial Foundation, its founder Thomas Boyle for the successful event, for which more than 100 people turned out today. I also want to thank the family of Melvin Johnson Sr., U.S. Army Veteran who had recently passed away, for allowing his burial flag to be flown first. I want to thank, State Representative Chris Ackerely, City Manager Michael Ortega , Marine Corps League 007, Tucson Army Recruiting Command, the American Legion Morgan McDermott Post 7 and the Arizona Patriot Riders for their presence and participation. I want to thank Davis Monthan Air Force Base 355th Commander, Colonel Scott Campbell for his attendance and wonderful address to the crowd about the meaning of 9-11 to our community.


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